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Viervant, Leendert

Architect, stonemason (1753 - 1801)

In 1779, the young architect Leendert Viervant from Amsterdam was commissioned to design Teylers' ‘boek- en konstzaal' (literally, ‘book and art room'). He had previously gained some experience when building the town hall of Weesp, one of the purest examples of neo-classical architecture in the Netherlands.

For visitors entering the Museum through the stately Fundatiehuis, the outside of the room was not important. This explains why the exterior is not as impressive as the magnificent interior of the Oval Room, with its slightly convex pine floor, oak cupboards, stucco decorations, and its cast iron balustrade with four folding desks on which books can be consulted.

It was also Viervant who designed the pyramidal display cases, the cases around the globes, and the support for van Marum's electrostatic generator. He also built Teylers Hofje, a few hundred meters north of the Museum.

According to his uncle Jacob Otten Husley (1738-1796), maker of the stucco decorations in the Oval Room, Viervant lived from one day to the next, and could neither manage money nor pay his debts.

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