Dining in Style — Teylers Museum

Dining in Style

Organise a tasteful and exclusive dinner amid the works of art

Dining in Style

Organise a tasteful, exclusive dinner amid the works of art. Our house caterers, Truffels, will be glad to prepare a dinner or lunch for you and your guests. 

Do you have questions to ask? Paul Rietveld will be happy to go over the possibilities with you. You can reach him at +31 (0)23 553 1985 or prietveld@teylersmuseum.nl

Second Picture Gallery

The Second Picture Gallery was added to the museum in 1893 to provide suitable accommodation for the museum's growing collection of paintings by 'living masters'. It is a spacious room, in which the light streams in from above, through large skylights. The room can serve as a stylish venue for dinners for 30+ guests.

Front Room and Rotunda

The front room is an intimate, atmospheric room leading to the Auditorium. It is a suitable venue in which to host a dinner for up to 25 guests. Combined with the Rotunda, the front room is also suitable for cocktails and receptions.