Meetings — Teylers Museum


Spaces suitable for groups of different sizes


Teylers Museum provides an excellent atmosphere for meetings of all sizes (from 5 to 25 participants). Paul Rietveld will be happy to look at the possibilities with you. You can reach him at +31 (0)23 553 1985 or


The atmospheric, historic auditorium, in which the great scholars of the 19th century gave their lectures, still has all its authentic decorations and furnishings. The technological resources are modern. You can have a large meeting here, with a theatre-like seating plan. The auditorium can seat up to 150 participants.

Front Room

The front room is an intimate, atmospheric space leading to the auditorium. You can use the Front Room for meetings: it can seat a maximum of 20 participants.


The Blitslab is a stylish space with all the features of a laboratory. It stands amid the greenery of Teylers Museum garden, and is suitable for small meetings: up to 10 participants.

Education Centre

The Education Centre is in the most modern wing of the museum. It is a light-filled space with all the most modern technological features and facilities. This space is suitable for meetings of up to 25 participants.