Lorentz Circle

Starting at €2,500 a year for five years

Lorentz Circle

Members of the Lorentz Circle join in active discussions with the Chief Science Curator, Trienke van der Spek, about the renovation of the Lorentz Lab and the opportunities for Teylers Museum. Every year a special 'Tech Talk' is organised, on a subject of topical interest. Members also enjoy all the privileges of 'Sky Watchers'.

As a member of the Lorentz Circle

  • You will be supporting the museum and will be admitted to the museum free of charge.
  • You can take part, free of charge, in special 'Friends' activities' such as the Spring and Autumn Days, with a look behind the scenes and a private viewing of an exhibition.
  • You can always bring someone with you to visit the museum and/or the Friends' activities, free of charge.
  • You will receive invitations to major exhibitions and you will be involved in a special adoption project.
  • You will receive invitations to the annual Sky Watcher Evenings (in Teylers Salon).
  • You can take part in Friends' excursions and attend events.
  • You can take part in the Sky Watcher cultural trips to other European countries that are organised every two years.
  • If you wish, your name will be listed in the Annual Report of Teylers Museum.
  • Loyal members, who have been signed up for ten years or longer, receive invitations every five years to attend an exclusive viewing of the museum's artworks from the depot, which are not generally displayed.
  • Three times a year you will receive Teylers Magazijn.
  • You will also receive the digital Newsletter regularly, so you can be sure not to miss anything!

Starting at €2,500 a year, for five years


Would you prefer to receive more information first? Please send an e-mail to vrienden@teylersmuseum.nl. Alternatively, you are welcome to call our Friends Coordinator at tel. +31 (0)23 553 1984.