Special events for Friends — Teylers Museum

Special events for Friends

Have a glimpse behind the scene

Every year, Teylers Museum organizes a variety of activities exclusively for Teylers Friends. Below you find an overview of those activities. You will receive more information about the activities mentioned throughout the year.

New Friends evening

A special program is organized, doors that normally remain closed, open to our new Friends! An annual evening to welcome all new Teylers Friends.

Art appreciation for faithful Sky Watchers

Exclusive Art Consideration for Sky Watchers who have been donating to the Teylers Museum Friends Fund for 10, 15 or 20 years.

Spring Day for Friends

The board of the Teylers Museum Friends Fund looks back on the past year and new plans are presented. Followed by some interesting activities, exclusively for Friends.

Friends excursion

Themed day excursion. Either referring to the museum’s history or to the current exposition.

Autumn Day Friends

An exclusive look 'behind the scenes' for Teylers Friends. Friends can select their preferred program in anticipation to the Autumn Day. Various curators and staff at Teylers Museum will show you on-the-spot what current affairs keep us occupied.

Sky Watcher Event

An exclusive program for Sky Watchers, Lorentz Kring members, Wybrand Hendriks members and members of the Pieter Teyler Kring.

Sky Watcher Tour

Once every two years an exclusive trip takes place abroad, in the presence of the director of Teylers Museum and one of the curators. Sky Watchers have the opportunity to visit a number of special institutions that are usually not open to the public.