Funds — Teylers Museum


Our sponsors and patrons


• Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

• National Service for Cultural Heritage

Structural benefactors

• Teylers Foundation

• Teylers Museum Friends Fund

• American Friends or Teylers Museum

Main benefactor

The VriendenLoterij supports charities that work in culture and for preservation of cultural heritage in the Netherlands and is therefore the cultural lottery of the Netherlands. Teylers Museum has been one of the permanent beneficiaries for many years. The VriendenLoterij is therefore an essential benefactor. Because of the kind support of the VriendenLoterij new purchases can be made, as well as the execution of various special projects.

For the benefit of the Master Plan Fundatiehuis

• VriendenLoterij

• Province of North Holland

• Stichting Monumentenbehoud Haarlem

• Stichting TBI Fundatie

• And individuals or institutions who prefer to remain anonymous

For the reopening of the Lorentz Lab

• Gieskes Strijbis Fund

• Teylers Museum Friends Fund

• Lorentz Circle

For the restoration of the First and Second Painting Hall

• VriendenLoterij

• Province of North Holland

• Teylers Museum Foundation

• Friends of Teylers Museum Foundation