Projectile trolley

A'dam J.Kampman and Adam Steitz, 1750 - 1774

This mahogany trolley dates back from the eighteenth century. It demonstrates a combination of a horizontal and a vertical movement. At the bottom of the trolley is a spring that can be wounded, causing the trolley to move with a constant speed. On its way, a mechanism ensures that an ivory ball is projected vertically from the cup. After being thrown, the trajectory of an object is always parabolic. Because the horizontal movement of the trolley is also transferred to the ball, the ball will fall back into the cup after describing a parabolic trajectory.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Projectile trolley

Translated title

Projectile trolley


[{'date_of_birth': u'', 'role': u'', 'qualifier': '', 'date_of_death': u'', 'creator': "J.Kampman and Adam Steitz, A'dam"}]


[{'start': '1750', 'end_precision': u'', 'end': '1774', 'start_precision': u''}]


[{'material': 'Mahogany'}, {'material': 'lead'}, {'material': 'brass'}]

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FK 0014

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