(Paternoster) waterlift Vera's pomp

Amsterdam Possibly Jochem Cats, 1775 - 1799

This instrument demonstrates that water can be raised by a rope (or chain) alone. It is only possible when the rope moves very fast. In this apparatus, using a large driving wheel makes this fast movement possible. Water ‘stuck’ (cohesion) to the rope is thus raised very fast. In 1794 a pump like this was described by the English physicist George Adams. He called the instrument Vera’s pump. The pump described by Adams could pump up as much as 9 gallons of water (1 gallon = 4.54609 litre) a minute.


(Paternoster) waterlift Vera's pomp

Translated title

Water lift (Vera 's pump)


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[{'start': '1775', 'end_precision': u'', 'end': '1799', 'start_precision': u''}]


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FK 0050

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