Bell with adjustable resonator

Haarlem W.M. Logeman

Resonance of sound plays a crucial role in musical instruments. Which tones are amplified and which are not amplified? This instrument was made to demonstrate this phenomenon and also to show how sensitive this sometimes is. The mahogany base holds a brass bell, directly opposite of a cylindrical ‘resonator’, as a matter of fact a sound box. The distance of the resonator to the bell can be adjusted, but also the volume of the resonator. Only when both variables are set accurately, the bell sounds at its loudest. The apparatus was made by Willem Martinus Logeman (1821-1894), who worked as an instrument maker in Haarlem since 1843 and who worked a lot for Teylers Museum. In 1860 he became a teacher at a secondary school.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Bell with adjustable resonator

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Bell with adjustable resonator


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