Pair of Prismatic cells

1750 - 1774

White light consists of various colours. When this light is refracted by a prism, the separate colours of white light become visible, because each colour is refracted differently in the prism. Each material causes a different refraction of the light. A liquid prism is devised to investigate these properties of fluids. The three larger prisms have filling plugs which can be removed by a special spanner. They can be suspended horizontally in the support, so that they can pivot around their longitudinal axis.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Pair of Prismatic cells

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Pair of Prismatic cells


[{'start': '1750', 'end_precision': u'', 'end': '1774', 'start_precision': u''}]


[{'material': 'Glass'}, {'material': 'brass'}]

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FK 0336 1-2

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