Right-angled reading telescope

München Steinheil, 1865

Ergonomics is not only applied in our time. In the early 19th century laboratories one often had to struggle with the equipment too. The German firm of Steinheil made this right-angled telescope to facilitate the reading of low, horizontal reading telescopes. The purpose of this one was to read a scale from a distance. The tripod of the telescope can be levelled accurately by levelling screws. The firm of Steinheil, established in 1856, used to provide each optical instrument with a serial number. The number on this telescope is 2645, which suggests a production of about three hundred telescopes a year.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Right-angled reading telescope

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Right-angled reading telescope


[{'date_of_birth': u'', 'role': u'', 'qualifier': '', 'date_of_death': u'', 'creator': u'Steinheil, M\xfcnchen'}]


[{'start': '1865', 'end_precision': u'', 'end': u'', 'start_precision': u''}]


[{'material': 'Glass'}]


[{'notes': u'', 'part': 'geheel', 'type': 'lengte', 'value': '223', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'geheel', 'type': 'hoogte', 'value': '205', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'lens', 'type': 'diameter', 'value': '27', 'unit': 'mm'}]

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FK 0359


[{'content': u'Steinheil in M\xfcnchen No 2645', 'type': 'signatuur'}]


Steinheil, München

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