Compound microscope

Paris Nachet et fils

This microscope has three objectives (objective lenses) and three oculars (eyepieces). One of those eyepieces is provided with a micrometer. Below the object table is a diaphragm holder, so that the incident light through the preparation can be regulated. The microscope also contains a plane-concave mirror so that the preparation can be illuminated from below. From 1834 until 1839 the French instrument maker Camille Sébastien Nachet worked for the famous and renowned maker of microscopes, Charles Chevalier. In 1839 he established his own business. His business was flourishing and around 1850, when his son Alfred joined his business, Nachet et Fils was one of the most prestigious microscope firms in Europe. The delivery of microscopes to Dutch customers went via the Delft firm of P.J. Kipp. The microscope shown here, is one of the smaller models from the assortment of Nachet.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Compound microscope

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Compound microscope


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1862 post


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FK 0374

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