Discharge tongs

J. van Waveren, circa 1850 - 1874

These two discharge tongs are intended to be used in electrostatic experiments. They are probably made by J. van Waveren, who was amanuensis (assistant and instrument maker) at the Physical Laboratory of the Teylers Stichting from 1899 till 1936. Each discharge tong consists of an insulating handle, to which a conductive metal rod is attached. One of the discharge tongs has a compass joint and has to be adjusted before use. The other one can be adjusted in length during use and can be clamped onto an electrostatic generator.

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Discharge tongs

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Discharge tongs


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[{'start': '1850', 'end_precision': 'circa', 'end': '1874', 'start_precision': 'circa'}]


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