Perforating discharger

circa 1850 - 1874

This discharger for electrostatic discharges was specially made to pierce a pane of glass or a piece of cardboard of 1 or 2 millimetres by means of a spark. The metal spike, insulated by a glass rod, is pushed close to the pane to be pierced. When the rod is connected to an electrostatic generator, the arrangement is ready to use. A rather high voltage, generated by the electrostatic generator and amplified by a number of connected Leyden jars (capacitors), creates a spark discharge which pierces the piece of cardboard or the pane of glass, leaving a distinct hole.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Perforating discharger

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Perforating discharger


[{'start': '1850', 'end_precision': 'circa', 'end': '1874', 'start_precision': 'circa'}]


[{'material': 'Mahogany'}, {'material': 'brass'}, {'material': 'Glass'}]


[{'notes': u'', 'part': 'geheel', 'type': 'hoogte', 'value': '248', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'voet', 'type': 'lengte', 'value': '190', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'voet', 'type': 'breedte', 'value': '189', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'metalen plaat', 'type': 'lengte', 'value': '78', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'metalen plaat', 'type': 'breedte', 'value': '78', 'unit': 'mm'}]

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FK 0500

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