Electrostatic generator, after Winter

Parijs O. Hempel, 1866

Around 1772 the first flat-plate electrostatic generator was devised that could generate positive as well as negative electric charges. This type of instrument had been produced till the thirties of the 20th century. Around 1850, the most popular version was devised by K. Winter from Vienna. His adaptation consists of a large wooden ring with a thick copper wire in it. This ring is positioned at the top of the spherical ‘receiver’ an works actually as an amplifier. thanks to this adaptation, the apparatus can produce extremely long and bright sparks. This specimen, with a plate-glass disc with a diameter of more than one metre, was made by O. Hempel from Paris.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Electrostatic generator, after Winter

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Electrostatic generator, after Winter


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O. Hempel, Parijs

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