'Breguet's punch' for exploding mines

Londen W. Ladd, 1855

This device, known as ‘coup de poing’, was invented by Louis Breguet. It served for activating detonators of explosives at a distance. The apparatus consists of a powerful horse-shoe magnet with coils at the poles. An iron anchor can be suddenly taken away from the poles by punching the lever in front.. This causes a change in the magnetic field, which induces a high voltage current in the coils. The ‘poing de Breguet’ could blow up mines at a distance of several kilometers. Louis Breguet (1804-1883) ran a large instruments firm in Paris. As an inventor, he took out some eighty patents between 1830 and 1880. His main interest was in the practical applications of electricity. For instance, he was strongly involved in the development of electrical telegraphy and in the use of electricity in time keeping.

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'Breguet's punch' for exploding mines

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'Breguet's punch' for exploding mines


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