Aneroid barometer after Vidie

Haarlem F.W. Funckler

The ‘aneroid’ barometer from 1844 was a revolutionary change in the way air pressures were measured. While, before that, a long column of liquid was required, now a small evacuated metal box was sufficient. This system is still often used nowadays. In an ‘aneroid’ barometer the corrugated resilient lid is held under tension by a spring in order to prevent collapsing of the box. Every fluctuation of the air pressure makes the lid move up or down very slightly. Through a smart lever mechanism this change in distance is amplified and transferred to a pointer, which indicates the air pressure on a scale. The French inventor Lucien Vidie (1805-1866) obtained a patent for this design throughout Europe.

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Aneroid barometer after Vidie

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Aneroid barometer after Vidie


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