Devices for gas photometry

London Metropolis Gas

These instruments are part of an extensive set of equipment for testing the luminous quality of gas when burned. In the nineteenth century, gas lighting replaced the oil lamps used for domestic lighting and street lighting.

The introduction of lighting gas, also called town gas, was an important improvement. This gas was produced in a gas factory, often managed by the local authority, and its composition was such, that it produced more light when burned.

England was the first country to introduce gaslight as street lighting in the cities. With the introduction of gas lighting in the Netherlands during the third decade of the nineteenth century, much equipment was imported from England. The first Dutch gas factory, opened in Rotterdam in 1826, was an English company.

Two items of this set are signed George Wilson, ’s Gravenhage, or the N.V. Nederlandsche gasmeterfabriek G. Wilson of The Hague.

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Devices for gas photometry

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Devices for gas photometry


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