Reading telescope

Haarlem J. van Waveren Jr., 1913

Instruments used for scientific research, are often ‘cannibalized’, or adapted for other applications. This large reading telescope is a fine example. In 1866 the physicist Van der Willigen, at that time just appointed at Teylers Museum, had acquired a precision telescope, a ‘universal instrument’ of Repsold. He needed that apparatus for his newly designed observatory in the garden of the museum. To check his astronomical clock, measurements were required of stars passing high in the sky. In 1911 Repsold’s instrument was not in use anymore and the optical part was used for other purposes. The largest lens (the objective) was left and was then used by Jilles van Waveren, the oldest son of Teyler’s amanuensis, to make this reading telescope.

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Fysisch Kabinet


Reading telescope

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Reading telescope


[{'date_of_birth': u'', 'role': u'', 'qualifier': '', 'date_of_death': u'', 'creator': 'J. van Waveren Jr., Haarlem'}]


[{'start': '1913', 'end_precision': u'', 'end': u'', 'start_precision': u''}]


[{'notes': u'', 'part': 'geheel', 'type': 'hoogte', 'value': '470', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'voet', 'type': 'radius', 'value': '230', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'buis', 'type': 'lengte', 'value': '584', 'unit': 'mm'}, {'notes': u'', 'part': 'buis', 'type': 'diameter', 'value': '75', 'unit': 'mm'}]

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FK 1072


[{'content': u'J. VAN WAVEREN JR FEC. A\xb0 1913', 'type': 'signatuur'}]


Van der Willigen, Haarlem

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