Treasure Hunts — Teylers Museum

Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts are only available in Dutch

Did you know that Teylers Museum is absolutely full of animals? There are a few hidden away in almost every room. Go on this treasure hunt, and you may find them!

Two treasure hunts are available for the permanent collection (always available, in Dutch only!):

  • Animals and things (6-7 years)
  • Pieter Teyler and the Creepy-Crawlies (8-12 years)

During the temporary exhibitions too, a special treasure hunt is generally devised for children aged 8-12 years. Click here for the treasure hunt about Watercolours!


You can pick up the treasure hunt, free of charge, from the ticket desk in the museum's entrance hall. Have you filled in all the answers? When you've finished, you can go and get a small gift from the ticket desk.

Suitable for: children aged 8 to 12
Obtainable from: ticket desk (museum entrance hall)
Cost: free of charge
Language: Dutch