What to see and to do

What to see and to do

A Place Worth Seeing

Now at the museum

What is there to see and do?

A Place Worth Seeing

Dec 16, 2014 t/m Dec 31, 2030

The permanent collection: art and science under one roof since 1784!

The Pieter Teyler House

Dec 05, 2021 t/m Dec 31, 2030

a visit is included in a regular museum visit

Realistic Science

Jan 21, 2023 t/m Jul 16, 2023

Models and illustrations for the life sciences in the Book Cabinet

Surreal Science

Feb 17, 2023 t/m Sep 03, 2023

Wunderkammer of Art and Science

Gifted Eye

Mar 31, 2023 t/m Sep 03, 2023

Tanya Rumpff donates international contemporary drawings to Teylers Museum

Renaissance in Teylers Museum

Nov 04, 2016 t/m Jan 08, 2017

16th century masterpieces

Baroque at Teylers

Jul 16, 2021 t/m Nov 07, 2021

Print Room exhibition

John Constable

Sep 19, 2020 t/m Jun 27, 2021

Retrospective exhibition of the great English master of Romanticism