A look inside the earth

Book cabinet presentation

Dec 14, 2019 to Jun 01, 2020

In the 18th and 19th century, theories about the earth’s origin and age alternated quickly. Scholars of natural history travelled to volcanoes, caves and other places to take a look inside the earth. They discovered a new method in which strata and geological time frames played an important role. The books that were published at that time clearly show how these forerunners of modern geology and paleontology studied the earth. The way in which they presented new scientific discoveries also reveals their deep respect for nature, their artistic imagination and their sense of adventure.


This exhibition was curated by PhD researchers Mathijs Boom (University of Amsterdam) and Wouter de Vries (Free University of Amsterdam) in close collaboration with Teylers Museum. All books on display are from the natural history library of Teylers Museum.