The air balloon — Teylers Museum

The air balloon

Adventurous exhibition for families about the ballooning

Apr 30, 2016 to Aug 28, 2016

The air balloon is an exhibition for families on the fascinating phenomenon ballooning. In an accessible and interactive manner the exhibition shows the cultural, social and scientific impact of seeing the 'lighter-than-air' momentum from the first manned balloon flight by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783 to the large balloon festivals today. The emphasis lies on the 18th and 19th centuries, when ballooning was the only form of human aviation. The invention of the air-balloon was actually what had hitherto only been possible in dreams and myths: the flying man. No wonder the new phenomenon of multiple waves 'balloons madness' and triggered a major inspiration for artists, scientists and adventurers. Soon it became clear that the balloon couldn't live up to its initial promise of scientific breakthrough and controlled airline not be able to fulfill, still the thrill and continued the show. In the 20th century the balloon was literally overtaken by the plane, but the sense of adventure and romance remained.

Based on drawings, prints, photographs, furniture, lamps, tableware, books, scientific instruments, balloon baskets, and other original balloon material, the exhibition makes visible which adventurous role the balloon played in art, culture and science - international but with special focus on the Netherlands.

Come and experience the impressive, exciting and scary feeling (for the first time!) to leave the Earth's surface, just like the pioneers of the past!