Renaissance in Teylers Museum — Teylers Museum

Renaissance in Teylers Museum

16th century masterpieces

Nov 04, 2016 to Jan 08, 2017

Teylers Print Room

Renaissance in Teylers Museum

The collection of drawings in Teylers Museum is known for its great selection of Dutch masters. From November 4th some highlights of that collection are on show. The reason for this exhibition is a new catalogue published in November 2016, dedicated to Teylers collection of sixteenth century drawings. In this, you can find artists like Jacques de Gheyn, Abraham Bloemaert, David Vinckboons, Karel van Mander and Matthijs and Paul Bril. But also to star artist Hendrick Goltzius, of which the museum has no less than 125 works. Teylers owns the most comprehensive collection Goltzius drawings in the world.   

Yvonne Bleyerveld and Ilja M. Veldman, The Netherlandish Drawings of the 16th Century in Teylers Museum, Leiden (Primavera Press) 2016. The catalog costs € 49.50 euros and is available for sale from November 4th in the museum shop and webshop. Previously published books about Teylers collection of drawings study the Italian drawings from the 15th and 16th century, Dutch drawings from the 17th century and Dutch drawings from the 18th century.

The publication was made possible thanks to the generous support of The Brook Foundation, Teylers Second Society and the Teylers Foundation directors.