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Real Winters

Nov 07, 2015 t/m Mar 06, 2016

Exhibition on the most beautiful 19th-century Dutch winter landscapes and winter scenes


Sep 08, 2015 t/m Mar 01, 2016

An exhibition of Greek and Roman gods from the antiquity to the present

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Adrianus Johannes Ehnle (1819-1863), 1863

'L'habit usurpé'

Anoniem NL, 1715

Profijtelijcken arbeyt

Anoniem NL, 1663

Bataafse marktplaats bij Katwijk

Charles Rochussen (1814-1894), 1872


Adrianus Johannes Ehnle (1819-1863), 1846

De duiven

Elisabeth Alida Haanen (1809-1845), 1841