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A Place Worth Seeing

Dec 16, 2014 t/m Dec 31, 2020

The permanent collection: art and science under one roof since 1784!


Jul 25, 2016 t/m Jan 08, 2017

Colorfull exhibition in Teylers Book cabinet about flowers and the cross pollination between art and science

Jan Weissenbruch

Sep 10, 2016 t/m Jan 08, 2017

An exhibition full of landscapes and cityscapes: both romantic and realistic

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Treasures from art and science

Sleeping boy

Wouterus Mol (1785-1857) (schilder), ca. 1826

View of a city on the Rhine at sunset

Bartholomeus Johannes van Hove (1790-1880) (schilder), 1836

The legend

Cornelis Kruseman (1797-1857) (schilder), 1827

Stiermarker jager

Jan Adam Kruseman Jz. (1804-1862) (schilder), 1832

Landschap te Vogelenzang

Gerrit Jan Michaëlis (1775-1857) (schilder), 1824