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Coins from West-Frisia

Mar 10, 2015 t/m Sep 06, 2015

William Hogarth

Jun 06, 2015 t/m Nov 01, 2015

Exhibition on the splendid work of William Hogarth

Music Everywhere

Jun 27, 2015 t/m Oct 25, 2015

Family Exhibition on the development of music devices

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Treasures from art and science

Juno op de pauwenwagen

Francesco Primaticcio (1504-1570), 1547


Syvert Nicolaas Bastert, 1939

Portret Jan van Leiden

Anoniem NL, 1675

Cactus in een pot

Cornelis Vlag (1934), 1970


Anoniem NL, 1675