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Feb 21, 2015 t/m Jun 07, 2015

Exhibition about the most beautiful Dutch watercolours from the 19th century

Drawn from the antique

Mar 11, 2015 t/m May 31, 2015

Exhibition with works by Rubens, Goltzius and Turner about the Classical Ideal

Coins from West-Frisia

Mar 10, 2015 t/m Sep 06, 2015

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Treasures from art and science

Salomons oordeel

Anoniem NL, 1652

Profeet Joël

Giorgio Ghisi Ghisi, Giorgio (Mantuano) (1520-1582), 1549

Bloemenmarkt in Den Haag

Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg (1852 - 1924), 1904

Schipbreuk op een rotsachtige kust

Christiaan Lodewijk Willem Dreibholtz, 1839


Kasparus Karsen (1810-1896), 1853