Become Napoleon at Teylers Museum — Teylers Museum

Become Napoleon at Teylers Museum

Take the new audio tour

Jul 13, 2019 to Sep 01, 2019

Teylers, the Museum of Wonder, is the oldest museum in the Netherlands. It is the only museum in the world with an authentic 18th-century buil­ding and interior. Enjoy its wonderful collection: from magnificent paintings and drawings to scien­tific tools, from books to minerals and fossils. 

In 1811 the French emperor Napoleon visited Teylers Museum, which was a renowned institute for art and science at that time. The director of the museum, Van Marum, and the president of Teylers Foundation, Van Zeebergh, gave Napoleon a guided tour. The great highlight was going to be a demon­stration of the world famous Giant Electrostatic Generator. Well, at least that was the plan…

From 13 July 2019 onwards, step into Napoleon’s shoes and take the new theatrical audio tour in the form of a radio play. Let Van Marum and Van Zeebergh tell you more about the highlights of the collection. Discover how leading this museum in Haarlem was at that time.

The tour is available in English, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Spanish.