Coins of Holland — Teylers Museum

Coins of Holland

Exhibition at the Numismatic showcase on the history and role of Holland as trading power.

Mar 01, 2016 to Sep 04, 2016

For about 700 years, coins were made in the country (and later the province) of Holland. The exhibition reflects on the coin history and the role of Holland as trading power. For long, Dordrecht was the place where coins were made,  yet also cities as Amsterdam and Haarlem handed down coins.

The coins are mainly raised by two collectors. The first is Adriaan Enschede (1829-1896), who donated his collection in 1896. Wim Roodenburg (1917-2006) is the second: since 2008 is his collection at Teylers Museum on loan. The collection Roodenburg is highly extraordinary because it is not closed, which means that it continues to grow each year thanks to the Roodenburg van Looy Foundation.