Secrets of the Deep Sea — Teylers Museum

Secrets of the Deep Sea

Exhibition in our Book Cabinet

Jan 20, 2018 to Sep 09, 2018

Can life exist on the ocean floor? It seems almost inconceivable: the enormous pressure of the water, the absence of sunlight and food, the icy cold. And yet it is a fact that a large proportion of all living creatures can be found in the deep sea.

The natural history library of Teylers Museum contains remarkable books about the fascinating quest for life in the deep sea. Come and browse through the fragmentary insights from cabinets of curiosities, the items brought back by the large scale oceanographic expeditions of the 19th century, and the very first attempts at deep-sea diving. Wonder at the rich discoveries, ranging from minuscule Radiolaria and brilliantly-coloured sea anemones to the monstrous anglerfish.